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J'ai un peu de mal avec ce synopsis (trouvé sur cette page).
Je vous le livre dans son intégralité. Avec la réserve de rigueur : tant que nous ne pourrons pas jeter un oeil sur le film fini, nous ne pourrons pas vraiment dépasser le stade de la supposition (ni celui de la crainte).

The greatest science fiction writer in American literary history, William J. Frick (Bill Pullman), is on the verge of an epiphany. Having had a close encounter with God the Almighty in an Anaheim taco stand, Bill is about to finish his masterwork...the epic opus that will detail the relationship between God and Man.Meanwhile, a rather shrill ex-girlfriend (Traci Lords) is clamoring for financial help with their love child; the IRS is clamoring for back pay; and Bill's houseful of speed-freaky bikers, weed-smokers, chocoholics and teenage sci-fi geeks is getting on his nerves.Just as Bill is about to put the finishing touches on his Book of Books, he inhales a strange-colored substance...kinda looks like a cross between coke and purple chalk. And instead of finishing the Book, Bill flips over backwards...and falls down a rabbit hole....into a place where the love-object of his life, up-and-coming movie starlet Nikki (Taryn Manning) is ready and waiting...prepared to turn Bill's philosophy into Action...violently, if necessary!......a place where a sinister emissary of the Nixon White House (M. Emmet Walsh) is willing to apply "aggressive interrogative manoeuvres" upon Bill's flesh to find out what Bill knows about the inner workings of the corridors of power......a place where reality can turn on its head, and Bill can go from Messiah of Fifty States to anonymous shlub in a concentration camp in the literal blink of an eye.In YOUR NAME HERE, sex, drugs, politics, religion, sci-fi, and the tropes of extremely cheesy low-budget genre movies are put in a blender, with generous helpings of psilocybin, No-Doz, and garlic powder added to boost flavor. Chill and stir as needed.

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