Terry Gilliam & Philip K. Dick

À l’occasion de la Comicon de San Diego, Drew McWeeny a pu rencontrer Terry Gilliam.

Terry Gilliam : I mean, like, « Brazil »... I was even more determined it had to end that way because of "Blade Runner" having betrayed me at the ending. I felt betrayed because I loved that until the end of the film. Now all of a sudden, the android's going to live forever? What the fuck are you talking about, man? You create a world that's very solid, and then you... that's why Philip K. Dick is always been one of my favorite writers. He doesn't go where that road takes you.

Drew McWeeny: I am convinced that someone will eventually make « The Man in the High Castle ». There is such...

I'm actually meeting his daughter tomorrow.

Are you? Are you? That is just a phenomenal book and so ripe in terms of the way it talks about how we process reality and the way we tell ourselves stories about history. I think now is a great time to remind people of some of the things Phillip had to say.

One of the things that is... there's another one that people don't know called « The World According to Jones ». Do you know that one?


That really fascinates me... where we're in a world where basically everything is relative. It can't be black and white because there's a more religious fundamentalism that we're talking about. So now everything is relative. And then the idea that a guy comes along that can see the future, and it is not relative... that intrigues me, and I don't know exactly how to do it. His other books... « Ubik » is always fun. But again, so much of his stuff has been stolen already and used...

Oh, absolutely stolen, and they keep making the mistake of thinking that you take a great concept from Phillip and you graft an action movie onto it. It's like, no, no, no. He's got more than enough ideas to get you through. You don't need to do all the action stuff.

Même s’il est toujours intéressant de lire ce que peut penser quelqu’un comme Terry Gilliam de Philip K. Dick, ce qui m’intéresse est l’évocation d’un rendez-vous avec Isa Dick Hackett... Est-ce que les deux ont parlé d’un projet commun ? Ubik ? The Owl in Daylight ? un autre... ?

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